Bimed products in IRAN

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Company resume

  • With 18 years of experience in industrial fields

  • (Approved by sherkat naft iran (the international oil company of Iran

  • Being in the 2018 Bimed's international meeting

  • Active member of international energy exhibitions such as Oil - Gas and electricity

  • With a solid resume of cooperation with gigantic international companies

  • The only provider of Bimed's glands in markets of Iran

Reasons to choose us

With 20 years of experience of coopration with many international companies like 'AKE' AND BIMEDTEKNIK, Biloft.Co providing the best quality of Explosion proof and industrial cable glands in both metal polyamide materials in any size. Approved by Sherkat Meli Naft Iran (Oil and petrochemical company of Iran) in 2018 and entered oil company's vendor list also earned a loyalty award from Bimed teknik and achieved a trust mark in Mapna AVL. With skilled experts that can respond to any inconveniences our client might have

  1. Various kinds of products are available

    Including Ex- Industrial – armored – non armored, with shroud and earth tag in premium packaging

  2. Punctual delivery
  3. Quick response

    With skilled personnel that can respond to any inconveniences our client might have. under management of Mr. Motamedi

  4. Remember to order first

    Delivery of products usually takes 2 months from Bimed company to your doorstep

  5. Firsthand sale prices

    The reason is that Biloft.Co is the ONLY distributor of Bimed’s cable glands from manufacturing to your doorstep without middlemen

  6. The first provider of special glands in Iran

    Presenting technologically advanced glands that are certified by Europe

  7. Also having activities in pharmaceutical industry & food industry fields

    Bimed is in effort to cover a wider range of expert usage for its glands
    Bimed is in effort to manufacture a wider and more advanced series of glands with stainless steel 304 & 316L material ery year and steping forward in other fields daily